The Atlantis Green City


We believe in creating green cities for life, a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment.

Our cities can be transformed into a paradise covered in beautiful plants and trees that absorb and transform sunlight, generate clean energy, capture and recycle water, produce oxygen and transform pollutants whilst creating a sink for carbon.

Atlantis innovations and real world applications and systems embrace and deliver this vision.



Structural Lightweight Void Fill

Atlantis tank modules have excellent strength to weightratio making it the ideal choice for absorbing structuralloads and reducing underlying stresses including weightreduction on foundations and pipe systems. There arenumerous potential uses.Typically for the same occupied volume, Atlantis Flo-Void® modules weighs approximately 1% of the weightof most soil and rock materials.

For underground Infiltration, Detention,Rainwater Harvesting & Channel applications

Suitable for both residential and commercial installation projects, the Atlantis tank system maximizes land usage and minimizes stormwaterr unoff.

The entire project location can be used as a catchment area including stormwater, landscape and roof areas providing the water storage capacity to meet your requirements.

The Atlantis tank system provides underground water storage of unlimited capacity and can be installed in various volumes, shapes and depths to meet specific project requirements.

Water Management

Subsurface Drainage

High strength, high low drainage 

The Atlantis Drainage Cell removes only excess water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch. The unique design of the Atlantis Drainage Cell also features water retention cups that provide optimal moisture conditions for growing media.

Atlantis Drainage Cell has excellent long term durability and is resistant to all ground chemicals. Atlantis DrainageCell is manufactured from selected quality recycled materials and under stringent quality control ensuring a high quality product that will not collapse or distort if used correctly.

Since the original release in 1986, Atlantis Drainage Cell set a benchmark for sub surface water management. Atlantis Drainage Cell is the most advanced underground geo-composite and offers high compressive strength, lightweight construction, ease of installation and low cost compared to traditional methods.

Efficient playing field drainage

Football, Rugby, Horse Racing and other sports can now enjoy utilizing their fields throughout the year and even during heavy rainfall. With the Atlantis SPORTSDRY™ system no longer will supporters be disappointed with costly cancellations due to heavy or prolonged rainfall.

The Atlantis SPORTSDRY™ playing field system ensures quick drainage during the heaviest rain fall and provides water during the dry periods. The SPORTSDRY™ system will quickly drain and store water in underground storage tanks ready to meet the most demanding watering requirements throughout the year.

The excellent drainage properties of the system ensures an even playing surface and provides adequate moisture for healthy grass growth. The SPORTSDRY™ system is also ideal for artificial turf playing fields. Any excess water is fed into underground infiltration tanks where the water is dispersed.

Sports Field Drainage

Environmental Water Management Solutions

Stormwater Harvesting – Infiltration Tanks – Hi Flow Bio Swales – Underground Rainwater Tanks