Rainwater Harvesting Tank for Landscape Water Feature

    • Application: Rainwater Harvesting
    • Location: Aqualand, St. Charles, IL, USA
    • Details: Rainwater Harvesting for Landscape Pond Design
    • Completion: April 2008

Conventional water features are typically built to operate best at full water capacity. As water is lost to evaporation or from splash the edges of the pond are exposed more and more and the appearance and functionality is compromised. With the Atlantis tank system, water is stored in a large modular basin adjacent to the water feature. As the water evaporates the water level drops invisibly in the storage basin but remains constant in the water feature. The water feature can operate for weeks (and sometimes for years) without any water additions. If the next rain event occurs before the storage basin runs low on water, the rain water is used to replenish the basin. This limits or eliminates storm water overflow and conserves water since little or none is added between rain events.

It’s a revolutionary way to build water features that’s both ecofriendly and water feature beautiful. Traditional methods of harvesting rainwater do not add beauty or value to a home or office setting. We’ve created a filtration system used in conjunction with a decorative water feature that captures, filters and houses rainwater run-off for future use. The system also reduces flooding, which is typical when heavy rains follow a period of drought. The system debuted at both the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Show and at the Chicagoland Flower & Garden Show with an overwhelming response.

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