Detention Tank for School Development

    • Application: Detention Tank
    • Location: Avondale House Houston, Texas, USA
    • Details: Detention Tank for School Development
    • Completion: April 2007

The Atlantis underground tank detention system is an ideal solution where childrens play area is a priority and land availability is limited. Avondale House is a Houston based non-profit school for children that have been diagnosed with autism. It’s no wonder they chose the Atlantis underground detention tank system for the safety and wellbeing of their students.

Surface ponds in Harris County claim the lives of six children per year on average. For areas with high concentrations of children playing, more and more developers and school districts are looking to underground detention to help alleviate the risks and liabilities associated with surface ponds.

As with all non-profits, money can be tight and revenue is based primarily on donations. As a result, it was imperative that Avondale House selects an underground detention solution that wouldn’t break the bank. Because of Atlantis tank efficiency the system fits in a 50% smaller excavation than other systems. With its vertical baffles, has the strength to support vehicle loading (H-20) without the use of expensive backfill material. This combination of reduced excavation due to structural efficiency and the reduction in the amount and cost of backfill materials, when compared to pipe and arch chamber systems, allowed this project to achieve a US $50,000 cost savings in site excavation and backfill alone.

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