Stormwater Infiltration Tank

    • Application: Stormwater Infiltration
    • Location: Bell Pole & Lumber, Minnesota, USA
    • Details: Stormwater Infiltration Tank
    • Completion: April 2009

This facility sorts and finishes large lumber for utility poles for the Midwest. In two areas, standing water caused the ground to consistently be soft and unstable. The areas were low enough that the water could not be piped into existing stormwater system without significant costs and it was suggested to come up with a method to infiltrate the water back into the ground water. The Atlantis Flo-Tank® tank module was selected as the best option as it was able to create the amount of storage volume necessary with the smallest footprint. The Atlantis Flo-Tank® tank module is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics and can handle loads in excess of H-20 loading.

In this particular application, the required loads exceeded the standard H-20 loading as the large equipment necessary to move these utility poles were very heavy. Instead of the standard 4 internal plate tank that is used for H-20 loading, an additional, or fifth vertical plate was used to increase the load bearing capacity of the tank system. 40 double tanks were used to create the 2500 gallon storage volume and the first of two tanks were started and finished on the same day. The contractor were very pleased with the ease of installation and the simplicity of the design. They saw this as a huge value compared to other underground detention systems.

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