School Sportsfield Drainage

    • Application: Sportsfield Drainage
    • Location: First Coast High School, Jacksonville, FL,USA
    • Details: School Sportsfield Drainage for Baseball Field
    • Completion: June 2004

Imagine a sportsfield or racetrack that remains in play no matter how much rain has fallen. The proper drainage of sportsfields can ensure that minimal days are lost due to wet weather.

First Coast High School, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a school that serves grades 9-12 in the Duval County Public Schools district. A practice pitch adjacent to the baseball field was persistently damp. The use of Atlantis® Drainage Cell underneath the turf assisted the drainage of water ponding on the surface.

Excellent growing conditions are achieved by draining only excess water, leaving high moisture content. This content produces optimal growing conditions for vegetation above the Atlantis® Drainage Cell. The excess water is directed to a vegetated area for infiltration using a perforated pipe.

The unique design of the Atlantis Drainage System creates a constant sub-surface aerobic water table in suspension known as a perched water table. The use of Atlantis® Drainage Cell facilitates quicker wear recovery and maintains healthier turf all year by combining a high-growth root zone environment with rapid drainage rates and increased moisture retention.

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