Atlantis Flo-Wall®

Basement Wall Drainage / High Flow, High Strength

The Atlantis Flo-Wall® range is ideal for the rapid drainage of saturated ground. The Flo-Wall® range is suited for applications including underground car parks, basements, retaining walls and seepage cutoff trenches.

The Atlantis Flo-Wall® range features high compressive strength that will not crush over time ensuring long term drainage performance.

The Flo-Wall® range are prefabricated products wrapped with a high quality Italian made geotextile with hydrophilic properties for effective drainage that does not require a head of pressure to perform.

The Atlantis Flo-Wall® range can be easily connected together to form the lengths required for the project. Each Flo-Wall® is provided with an overlap allowance of geotextile to allow each connection to be appropriately sealed with tape.

The Flo-Wall® range is suitable for retaining walls, foundation walls, basements, underground carparks, bridge abutments, civil structures, tunnels and anywhere hydrostatic pressure relief is required.

  • Easy Installation

  • High Load Bearing Capacity

  • Prevents tire ruts

  • Excellent tire twist resistance

  • Replenishes water supply to landscaped areas

  • Unique and easy to use interlocking system

  • No Surface Drains Required

  • Reduces ambient temperature around buildings (When compared to use of hard surfaces)