Atlantis Gravel Cell®

Aggregate Reinforcement Structure

Atlantis Gravel Cell® gravel pavement reinforcement are permeable joint structures that allow water infiltration and form a robust, strong and durable surface, suitable for high traffic areas, driveways and parking lots.

The installation and maintenance of Gravel Cell® paver provides enormous cost savings when compared to bitumen or concrete systems. The sub-base required for Gravel Cell® paver is equal to or less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen.

The reduction of the traditional storm water drains required by impermeable parking lots provides an immediate cost saving when installing Gravel Cell®  pavers for the same application.

  • Easy Installation

  • High Load Bearing Capacity

  • Replenishes water supply to landscaped areas

  • Unique and easy to use interlocking system

  • No Surface Drains Required

  • Reduces ambient temperature around buildings (When compared to use of hard surfaces)