Atlantis Gro-Wall System

advanced and cost effective vertical gardens

Designed specifically for vertical garden enthusiasts, Gro-Wall® includes many new intuitive and constructive features that benefit both users and designers. New features include a revolutionary watering system, improved wall anchoring and improved planting capabilities.

The Gro-Wall® enables designers and users to install vertical gardens in adverse outdoor environmental conditions and in regulated indoor environments with complete access and control. The new enhancements provide targeted watering control of individual plants, maximum water efficiency, last minute design changes and easy access to irrigation components.

Fast to Install
Low Maintenance

Gro-Wall Slim Series Specifications

Slim Line

Part ID 80081
Dimension (mm) 682 x 820 x 165
Pot Capacity (L) 6.00
Weight per kit (kg) 6.30
Kit vs Module Area 0.56 / 0.28 m2
Modules per kit 2 modules

Slim Pro

Part ID 80080
Dimension (mm) 704 x 808 x 165
Pot Capacity (L) 6.00
Weight per kit (kg) 9.40
Kit vs Module Area 0.56 / 0.091 m2
Modules per kit 6 modules

Gro-Wall Specifications

Gro-Wall 4.5

Part ID 70003_ARCH
Dimension (mm) 450 x 685 x 816
Capacity (L) 238.96
Weight (kg) 11.70
Load Limit 30 t / m2
Flow Rate (@ 1% grad) 57 L/sec/m

Gro-Wall Façade

Part ID 80052TT
Indiv. Cell Dimension (mm) 52 x 260 x 480
Capacity per cell (L) 5.84
Weight per cell (g) 750
Load Limit 155 t / m2
Flow Rate (@ 1% grad) 2.65 L/sec/m