Road Drainage

road-cell-miningSolving water issues at the source

The Atlantis philosophy is to resolve water management issues at the source. That's the concept behind the Ecological Road.

The Atlantis system captures surface runoff from roads and, instead of transporting it to a central storage pond, provides short-term localized storage so that stormwater can be either infiltrated to recharge groundwater, released at a controlled rate, or recycled for irrigation.

The Atlantis system also provides a strong, permeable structure, that can capture and manage water along the length of the system.
The Atlantis road system reduces thermal contamination up to 170C (310F) in relation to the conventional road methods. In cold areas, permafrost penetration is reduced.

Atlantis solutions provide benefits for developers, municipality, and the community.




eco road 01 eco road 02


blockquote start  The Atlantis road system is the first genuine advance in managing surface run-off in more than 2000 years.blockquote end

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Road Drainage Benefits

Road Safety

  • Increased Safety - Dangerous open water channels are eliminated.


  • Flood Reduction - Stormwater runoff is immediately infiltrated into the ground reducing the burden on existing infrastructure and urban flooding.
  • Reduced Erosion - Reduces erosion by infiltrating water at the source.
  • Water Re-use/Harvesting - Water is purified, stored and recycled on site.
  • Improve Urban Health Conditions - The Atlantis system is located underground, eliminating stagnant ponds that host mosquitoes infestations and open drains that house vermin and vectors. All gross pollutants are kept out of the system, dissolved pollutants are treated within the system resulting in clean healthy water released into the environment.


  • Increase Land Use - The Atlantis system is sub surface providing more land space for recreational areas.
  • Save Time & Labour - The Atlantis system is cheaper and faster to install than traditional concrete based methods.
  • Maintenance Free Channel - All gross pollutants and sediment are prefiltered ensuring that Atlantis channels are maintenance free.
  • Increases Road Lifetime - Effectively relieves hydrostatic pressure preventing potholes and maintaining optimum road conditions.


  • High Compressive Strength - Supports heavy loads up to over 130 t/m2 (for Atlantis™ 52mm Drainage Cell) and over 24 t/m2 (for Atlantis™ tank modules).
  • Structural Design - Ensures structural integrity of road and supports shear loads.

Atlantis Flo-Cell® Applications


The Atlantis Flo-Cell® range is a versatile product suitable for many applications including the drainage of sports fields, civil works, retaining walls and landscaping applications.

The Flo-Cell® is also ideally suited for W.S.U.D (Water Sensitive Urban Design) applications and provides and ideal use for increasing the permeability of ground areas which reduces overland flow and facilitates groundwater recharge.

product flo cell road application

Atlantis Road Drainage Application. This system relieves hydrostatic pressure preventing pot holes.

The strong structural capabilities and efficient drainage are ideal for the relief of hydrostatic pressure on retaining walls, bridge abutments, underground parking lots and other underground structures.


  • Roof Gardens (Green Roofs)
  • Intensive Green Roofs
  • Extensive Green Roofs
  • Podium Drainage
  • Trench Drainage
  • Strip Drainage
  • Wall Drainage
  • Reducing Overland Flow
  • Sportsfield Drainage
  • Pavement Underdrain
  • Concrete Slab Underdrain
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Road Drainage

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