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Atlantis both provide and install a range of products for landscaping solutions. For the last 28 years we've been constantly re-engineering and re-evolving our products, each time arriving at a standard unsurpassed by our competition. 

Vertical Gardens

Atlantis can create a vertical garden to suit any space or specificiation. With the Atlantis Vertical Garden range you can provide environmental benefits by implementing nature as a heat and air purifier. Our Vertical Gardens also boast a uniquely aesthetic facade for your home or business which is a great talking point or marketing tool. Whether it’s a residental feature wall or a balcony in a high-rise apartment, Atlantis provides vertical gardens with ease. Each one of our Vertical Garden products suits a specific


gro-wall vege


Atlantis Gro-Wall® vertical garden system is truly modular with individual plant access, and both vertical and horizontal system expansion. If you can build lego you can build a Gro-Wall. No framework is required for these self supporting structures allowing for easy individual plant access and maintenance.


Construction and Maintenance

Our Vertical Garden Gro-Walls® are unsurpassed by our competition. With rapid construction and installation your vertical or horizontal expansion has never been easier. Gro-Walls® are not only easy to install but also a sinch to maintain.

All of our Vertical Gardens are made from recycled polypropylene, granting incredible strength whilst maintaining our scope of an environmentally friendly product.

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Roof Gardens

The Atlantis Drainage Cell is ideal for Planter Boxes and Roof Garden Design. Excellent growing conditions are achieved by draining only excess water, leaving high moisture content. This content produces optimal growing conditions for vegetation above the Atlantis Drainage Cell. The Atlantis Drainage Cell acts as a protective membrane for waterproofing over concrete slabs.
The Atlantis Drainage Cell also provides ventilation to concrete slabs, alleviating heat induced stress and cracking.



  • Efficiently removes only excess water
  • Promotes fast and excellent plant growth
  • Reduces Urban Flooding
  • Reduces water contamination by filtering at source
  • Retains a minimum of approximately 76L/m2 of perched water above the cells
  • Strong structure can support heavy loads
  • Easily Installed


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Permeable Paving

Atlantis Turf Cell, Flo-Grid and Atlantis Gravel Cell can be used in any situation where low to medium use parking surfaces, access roads and driveways are required.

The sub-base required for cells is equal to or less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen. The elimination of the traditional stormwater system required by impermeable paved areas provides an immediate cost saving when installing Atlantis Turf Cell or Atlantis Gravel Cell for the same application.

permeable paving cell

Turf Reinforcement

The Turf Cell reinforcement structure is the most effective product available for both horizontal and vertical root growth. Unlike concrete systems, the roots remain cool and grass growth thrives. Driving vehicles onto the grass has no effect on the protected roots. Aesthetically, the product allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure.



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