Stormwater Harvesting Underground Water Storage

stormwater harvesting detail

Atlantis provides a complete stormwater harvesting solution. We offer stormwater filtration, water storage, integrated irrigation system and the purification of stormwater.

This solution replaces antiquated Roman technology. Pipes, sumps, pits or difficult to manage gross pollutant traps, are no longer required to manage stormwater. These are replaced by underground water tanks, restoring the balance between the environment and urban development.



  • Atlantis products are patented or have patent applications worldwide.
  • Atlantis systems have been installed in over 20 countries.
  • Atlantis systems have been used to provide up to 11 millions litres of storage capacity.
  • The Atlantis system is a point source solution rather than an end of line problem.
  • Improving water quality through the biodegradation of pollutants in the presence of oxygen.
  • The Atlantis systems reduce or eliminate catchment flow removing the need for additional stormwater infrastructure.
  • Site space is reutilized, as Atlantis systems are underground, providing cost savings to the developer by way of land savings normally required for above ground detention.
  • Atlantis system can be used in a variety of environments – in the desert, in the tropics and everywhere in between.
  • Reduce dependence on main water supplies

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Stormwater Harvesting Benefits


  • Harvest Stormwater
  • Reduce Polluted Stormwater Runnoff
  • Protect Natural Bushland and Creeks
  • Provide an ecologically sustainable stormwater system

Water System Options consisting of:

  • Water Storage - Unlimited storage capacity
  • Irrigation Systems - Surface and Sub Surface systems
  • Water Purification Plants
  • Filtration Media - Bio remediating soils are available to treat common contaminants found in stormwater runoff

Flo-Tank Specifications

   table mini matrix  table single matrix  table double matrix  table triple matrix  table quad matrix  table penta matrix
PART NUMBER 70010 70003 70004 70005 70006 70007
HEIGHT (in) 9.45" 17.72" 34.65" 51.57" 68.50" 85.43"
WIDTH (in) 16.06" 16.06" 16.06" 16.06" 16.06" 16.06"
LENGTH (in) 26.77" 26.77" 26.77" 26.77" 26.77" 26.77"
HEIGHT (mm) 240mm 450mm 880mm 1310mm 1740mm 2170mm
WIDTH (mm) 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm
LENGTH (mm) 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm
MODULE FOOTPRINT - METERS 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2
MODULE FOOTPRINT - FEET 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2
WATER STORAGE IN LITRES 64.58 119.47 233.64 347.80 461.93 576.10
WATER STORAGE IN GAL 17.06 31.56 61.72 91.88 122.03 152.19

Tel: +1 360 714 6553