30mm FLO-CELL®

original-drainage-cell-30mmAtlantis 30mm Flo-Cell®

The Atlantis Flo-Cell™ is the ideal drainage medium for planter box applications. The Flo-Cell™ is lightweight, easy to use and is cost effective when compared to traditional drainage methods.

Efficient Water Mangement
Only excess water is removed, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch for optimal growing conditions.

Protects Building Structures
The Flo-Cell™ functions as a protective membrane for waterproofing and provides ventilation for concrete slabs which alleviates heat induced stress and cracking.

Futhermore if the wall is cracked and no efficient drainage is present contamination from the soil such as salts and other corrosive elements will futher contribute to the deteriation of the wall integrity.

Atlantis wall panels are the most effective method of venting and maintaining consistent temperature on the wall surface by creating a substaintial long term air pocket that will not crush over time.



  • Efficiently drains excess water while retaining an optimum moisture level
  • Simultaneously reduces urban flooding and conserves water resources
  • Ideal for promoting plant growth in planter box and roof garden applications
  • Modules can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Faster installation than traditional drainage systems
  • Structurally engineered to be used in drainage-critical applications such as planter boxes and roof gardens
  • Manufactured from recycled, hard-wearing polypropylene, resistant to chemical and bacterial attack over long term.
  • Ideal for sports fields, civil works, retaining walls, bio-filtration, groundwater recharge and general landscape applications

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Atlantis Flo-Cell® Applications


The Atlantis Flo-Cell® range is a versatile product suitable for many applications including the drainage of sports fields, civil works, retaining walls and landscaping applications.

The Flo-Cell® is also ideally suited for W.S.U.D (Water Sensitive Urban Design) applications and provides and ideal use for increasing the permeability of ground areas which reduces overland flow and facilitates groundwater recharge.

product flo cell road application

Atlantis Road Drainage Application. This system relieves hydrostatic pressure preventing pot holes.

The strong structural capabilities and efficient drainage are ideal for the relief of hydrostatic pressure on retaining walls, bridge abutments, underground parking lots and other underground structures.


  • Roof Gardens (Green Roofs)
  • Intensive Green Roofs
  • Extensive Green Roofs
  • Podium Drainage
  • Trench Drainage
  • Strip Drainage
  • Wall Drainage
  • Reducing Overland Flow
  • Sportsfield Drainage
  • Pavement Underdrain
  • Concrete Slab Underdrain
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Road Drainage

30mm Flo-Cell Specifications

Material Recycled Polypropylene
Colour Black
Size (inches) 1.18" (H) x 15.94" (W) x 24.4" (L)
Size (mm) 30mm (H) x 405mm (W) 605mm (L)
Compressive Strength 101 t/m2
Flow Rate (Gal/min) 20.6 Gal/min @ 1% gradient
Flow Rate (L/min) 240 L/min @ 1% gradient
Surface Void Area >70%
Internal Void Area >95%
Biological Resistance Not affected by biological activity.
Chemical Resistance Excellent resistance to Acids, Alcohols, Bases and Mineral Oils. Good resistance to Aldehydes, Esters, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones and Vegetable Oils.
Recomended Service Temperature -10ºC to 110ºC

Tel: +1 360 714 6553