Flo-Screen® Water Filtration Unit


Powerful water reuse system


Atlantis inline filters are designed to remove gross pollutants, such as vegetation matter and silt from roofs and stormwater pits before allowing water to enter the Atlantis tank system.

Easy to Use

The Atlantis Filtration Unit is user friendly, easy to install and provides years of trouble free service requiring low maintenance.


  • Filters stormwater "at source"
  • Easy installation
  • User friendly maintenance

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Flo-Screen® Gallery

Filtration Unit Specifications





Small Filtration Unit

Part No: 60002
Single down Pipe
Suitable for flow situations
of 12 L/sec.
Size: (H)480 x (W)450mm

Large Filtration Unit

Part No: 60003
Multiple down Pipe
Suitable for flow situations
of 20 L/sec.
Size: (H)880 x (W)680mm

Pipe Connections

2 x 150mm
of 20 L/sec.

Tel: +1 360 714 6553