Parking Lot Grass Reinforcement

    • Application: Turf & Grass Reinforcement Permeable Paving Parking Lot
    • Location: Jacksonville Doctor’s Office, Florida, USA
    • Details: Grass Reinforcement Installation
    • Completion: October 2004

Patients arriving at this Doctor’s Professional Building parked in the grass lot next to the office. During wet weather the lot became excessively muddy, creating difficulty for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The property manager submitted an application for a permit to pave the lot, but he was denied by the city because of the additional runoff that would be created.

To avoid creating further parking problems, reconstruction of the 25,000 square foot (2323 m²) parking lot was completed over a single weekend. The lot was excavated and a porous base was placed and compacted. Turf Cell, a new porous pavement unit from Atlantis Water Management Solutions, was installed. The Atlantis® Turf Cell® will allow the lot to keep its attractive grass finish while preventing the grass from rutting. At the same time it will allow rainwater to infiltrate through the pavement. With a thickness of 2.05 inches (52mm), the Atlantis® Turf Cell® protects the grass by preventing compaction of the top-soil. It is also the only porous paver that has lateral openings within the unit allowing rhizomatous grasses to spread.

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