Stormwater Mitigation

    • Application: Stormwater Mitigation
    • Location: Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada
    • Details: Stormwater Runoff Mitigation Into Local Creek
    • Completion: November 2004

Protech Consultants Limited has specified an Atlantis Storm Water Management System in Kelowna, BC. The system was used to mitigate the impact of Storm Water runoff into a local creek. The project consisted of combined traditional infiltration units (drywells and catch basins) plus a 10 m³ Atlantis tank system.

The Atlantis tank is used to capture additional storm water run-off that is anticipated in a 1 in 100 years storm, then exfiltrate it into the surrounding sub soil. The contractor was amazed at how quick the installation proceeded. The project was installed in one day and the Atlantis tanks were put in by hand. No cranes or heavy machinery were required thus offering a significant cost saving over traditional systems. The installation has been in operation since November 2004.

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