Stormwater Detention Under Car Park

    • Application: Stormwater Detention
    • Location: Lordco Auto Parts, British Colombia, Canada
    • Details: Stormwater Detention Under Car Park
    • Completion: July 2006

Lordco is the largest distributor and retailer of automotive parts and accessories. Lordco has over 90 stores throughout British Columbia with sites located in key centre to take full advantage of their proximity to existing and new clientele.

The Atlantis tank system installation consisted of a 60.27 m³ (2128 cf) detention tank installed underneath a parking lot. The design and location of the tank was based on the strength of the tank modules, which due to an internal vertical baffle system, supports heavy vehicle loading with ease.

Some of the collected storm water will ex-filtrate into the ground through the surrounding slightly permeable native soil. The remaining water will drain into the existing municipal storm sewers through a controlled outlet. The modular design and compact footprint makes it ideal and cost effective for all types of applications.

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