Stormwater Detention Under Parking Lot

    • Application: Stormwater Detention
    • Location: Pottstown Memorial Medical Centre, Pennsylvania, USA
    • Details: Stormwater Detention Tank Under Parking Lot
    • Completion: July 2004

Growth at Pottstown Memorial Medical Centre was creating parking problems. The existing lot could easily be expanded into an adjacent field, but the additional storm water runoff had to be managed in such a way that didn’t interfere with future expansion. Creating the detention area underground below the new lot seemed ideal. Dealing with a shallow hardpan meant finding a way to provide maximum storage in the limited available area.

Barry Islet & Associates in Norristown, PA used the Atlantis tank modules to make the design work. With its 95% void space and minimal cover requirements, the Atlantis tank modules maximized the efficiency of the excavation and provided 4,800 cubic feet of storage in an 1168 square foot area (8’ x 146’). Since the Atlantis tank modules can be put in place by hand and there’s very little stone to compact, the installation was a snap. That allowed the contractor, Scott Contractors, Inc. of Norristown, PA, to quickly move on to building the parking lot and resolve the parking problems.