Retaining Wall Stormwater Drainage

    • Application: High Capacity Strip Drainage
    • Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
    • Details: Stormwater Drainage Behind Retaining Wall
    • Completion: June 2004

The first Atlantis storm water management tank installation in the Prairie Provinces has been completed in June 2004. The tanks were specified by Thurber Engineering-Calgary, to act as a drain for a segmental block retaining wall. In addition to drain functions, the Atlantis tank system provides ex-filtration and detention in one flexible system, an innovative solution for today’s storm water management issues.

The Atlantis tanks were chosen as an alternative to traditional perforated pipe and gravel drains at the back of the retaining wall. They also provide sufficient drainage capacity that eliminates the need for a surface concrete drainage swale. In addition to the material cost savings, installation was quick and did not require a concrete truck or other heavy equipment working near the retaining wall back-fill. The Atlantis system requires no special skills to install and can easily be adapted to site conditions.

The Atlantis Storm Water Management System has the U.S. H-20 loading certification. This certification indicates that Atlantis tanks can be buried under roads or parking lots that experience as much as 36,000 lbs load per vehicle-axle.

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