Detention Tank Application for Parking Lot

    • Application: Stormwater Detention
    • Location: Trinity Baptist Church, North Carolina, USA
    • Details: Retrofitting a Detention Tank into existing parking lot
    • Completion: June 2004

Retrofitting a storm water detention system into an existing parking lot for a building expansion poses some unique problems. Parking was already limited, and the footprint of the system had to be saw-cut and excavated from the lot. Building within a small footprint was critical to keeping costs down and retaining adequate parking, but with limited depth to work with, storing 12,500 cf (350,000L) of stormwater proved challenging.

Demolition of the parking lot was minimized by using the Atlantis Flo-Tank® tank system for storm water detention. With 95% void space, the Atlantis Flo-Tank® double module (34.65″ – 880mm deep) maximized storage in a minimal footprint. Parking problems were further avoided by a speedy installation. Once the excavation was finished, the system was completely installed, backfilled, and ready for paving within two days.