Stormwater Detention Apartment Complex

    • Application: Stormwater Detention
    • Location: Villa Riva Apartment Complex, Florida, USA
    • Details: Stormwater Detention for Apartment Complex
    • Completion: January 2004

Following a change in the local country’s environmental policy, Atlantis products were selected as an alternative new technology providing zero contamination of the local waterways.

An Atlantis rain water system to cope with 1/100 year storm water tank was placed below the parking lot area adjacent to the apartment block complex in order to store the rain water from the roof. In conjunction with this, a layer of 52mm infiltration cells was placed under the tank to disperse any emerging water coming from the sub-soil beneath the tank. In this situation the water from the roof accumulates in the tank and infiltrates into the water ways through the soil profile, thus achieving the objectives of the environmental guidelines.

Due to the superior crush strength of the modules, a parking lot was placed over the top and was provided enough ballast to keep the tank modules in place without the risk of crushing. The overall tank size was 750 m³ (750,000 litres).

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